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Competition. A kendo match is fought between two competitors in an individual match. In team competition there are three to five persons in each team. In the Continental Championships and the World Championships a team consists of five persons that fight five matches in each team match. The match time is five minutes. Match in kendo is called shiai. In shiai, you need to strike or thrust a target. In this page, you will learn how shiai in kendo works. In a tournament, individual matches are played two out of three points over a two to five minute time period (the length of which is announced before the competition). A scoreless or tied match may be extended at the referee's discretion. There are also team competitions in which a winner is determined by either the total.

Subsidiary Rules of Kendo Match and its Refereeing Guidelines for Kendo Match and its Refereeing Revised April 1, JAPAN KENDO FEDERATION REGULATIONS OF KENDO MATCH AND ITS REFEREEING (Hereinafter referred to as "the Regulations") Article 1 Purpose of the Regulations Parti Match Chapter 1. (Match and Refereeing I Regulations) 7 The official English edition of the Regulations of the Kendo Match and Its Refereeing (Shiai and Shinpan Kisoku) is available from Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei. The standard duration of a match is five minutes, and an extension (echo) is three minutes. The clock is stopped if the chief. Johnny Devine (left) uses a kendo stick on Buck Gunderson during a match. A kendo stick match, also known as a Singapore cane match or dueling canes match, is a standard weapons match with a kendo stick being the only legal weapon. Often, the ring will be lined with many kendo.


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