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Drama · This web series details the events of the hero, Echo, who is on the run from "The Company". 7 Nov Echo runs through an alleyway and behind a house, and when he cannot go further due to a fence, turns around and faces a Doberman Pinscher. He throws down his mailbag and comments how cliché the situation is. He warns the dog to go away, but when the dog continues to growl he uses his ability to. Heroes: Going Postal. Heroes unleashes its first ever web series, "Going Postal." The trilogy of online-only videos introduces us to Echo De Mille, a seemingly ordinary mailman with an extraordinary ability. The three-part series is written and directed by the same creative team behind the award-winning TV show. Part one.

Advertise. Media Kit · Contact. Heroes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Watch NFL Stars Become Superheroes in This Motion Comic · Marvel Anime Star Wars. phone series (, see primetime/lost/missingpieces), and the three-part Heroes: Going Postal (, Webisodes). Meanwhile virtually all programmes with an official website and/or DVD release make some kind of 'behind-the- scenes' material available (see, for example. Echo goes home to protect his girlfriend Gina, but a superpowered man from the Company—the "Constrictor", whom Echo had met earlier—arrives for another showdown with Echo. 3, "Let's Talk", Yule Caise and Jim Martin, Yule Caise and Jim Martin, July 28, (). Echo sends.


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