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Screenshot of the Week,; Map of the Month,; ZC Creation Showcase. All events special to PureZC occur in this place. Here you will find the long popular and successful Screenshot of the Week tournament, the semi-annual ZC Expo, the annual Superlatives, and much more! topics; replies. Map of the Month (Special thanks to Dimentio for writing this update. The format of the Site News may change, but in the mean time enjoy a throwback to our old format!) Welcome once again to Monthly Review, the PureZC monthly news corner for January ! Er, wait, are we not doing that anymore? Wait, it's no longer !? Why hasn't. New Demo Quest SP by Nightmare, Phantom Menace. Genre: Miniquest Updated: 23 Apr Posted: 23 Apr ZC Version: ZC Rating: N/A, Information: An update to Demo Quest EX using some of Zelda Classic's new features. New Retreat to Crumsc 2: Early Arrival by The Bagel Meister. Genre: Miniquest.

19 Jan PureZC was a website that spawned after the creation of Zelda Classic. The Zelda Classic game editor, known as ZQuest, allowed for fan-created quests to be created and played on the Zelda Classic Application. PureZC hosts over of these downloadable fan quests as well as over 60 tile sets and. I would also highly recommend the DoR (Dance of Remembrance) tileset available from PureZC's Tileset Database. It's very, very detailed, and quite flexible. But again, you'll want to spend many minutes on each screen to make it look nice. There are things that you just can't get away with while using DoR as compared. The latest Tweets from PureZC (@PureZC). The official Twitter for PureZC, a Zelda Classic fan site.

PureZC is one of the largest Zelda Classic fan sites available, with everything you need for Zelda Classic. Listen to the best PureZC shows. Steam group for members of PureZC. PureZC. VIEW ALL. POPULAR DISCUSSIONS. view all 16 Comments. MatthewBluefox Feb 25, @ am. Meow, it's me, Matthew Bluefox from Switzerland.:) Bob Sacamano Jan 2, @ pm. Good to see you again! Hope you enjoyed the holidays.


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