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Lightning Risk assessment Study is actually the measure of risk of a lightning strike and probability of damages. It assesses the lightening risks. 14 Jun Lightning Risk assessment Study is actually the measure of risk of a lightning strike andprobability of damages. It assesses the lightening risks to the facility according to international standards requirements. These calculations are according to IEC Standard All these calculations are based on. 2, Lightning Risk Assessment from NFPA # - edition. 3. 4, Replace values in blue with appropriate numbers. 5, (Values in red are calculations - DO NOT DISTURB). 6. 7, Building Dimensions. 8, (for a rectangular structure in feet), conversion. 9, Length = , ft. , m. 10, Width = 50, ft. , m. 11, Height =

1, LIGHTNING RISK ASSESSMENT CALCULATIONS. 2. 3, Building / Installation : KTC Tower. 4. 5, Building ID No. KTC, Mall Road. 6. 7, LIGHTNING DENSITY, Ng= 8. 8. 9, STRUCTURE. 10, Length L(m), L= 12, Width W(m), W= 13 . 14, Height H(m), Hi= 16, Chimney/Tower height (m), T= 2. IEC is applicable to risk assessment for a structure due to lightning flashes to earth. Its purpose is to provide a procedure for the evaluation of such a risk. Once an upper tolerable limit for the risk has been selected, this procedure allows the selection of appropriate protection measures to be adopted to reduce . 1. 2, Lightning Strike Frequency Variables, Tolerable Lightning Frequency Variables. 3, NFPA Risk Assessment. 4, ND, -, This is the yearly lightning strike frequency to the structure expressed in terms of lightning strikes per year. This will be calculated for you. C2, -, This is the structural coefficient. This value is determined by.

Should the preliminary risk assessment indicate there to be “a need for protection ”, it is then recommended that a copy of the AS/NZS AS Lightning Protection standard be purchased, and a detailed assessment be conducted using the updated and automated spreadsheet based “Risk Assessment Calculator “. 5, Process, Type, Asset Owner, Threat, Vulnerability, Probability of Occurence without Controls, Consequence, Risk Rating. 6, FACILITY and 9, Security Lighting, Facility, (Enter Recycler Name), Theft, Property Damage, Personal Injury, Inadequate Lightning, Unauthorized access to facility, 3, 3, 9. 10, Alarm Monitoring. BS EN Risk Management is a complex and demanding document. It requires the user to obtain key information about the structure in order to carry out a risk assessment. The more detailed this input information, the more accurate the ultimate lightning protection solution. However, more often than not, the detailed.


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