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Anon sims 3

Anon is A Sims 3 Series Created By Diamond Mckinney. She created a lot of series like Faux,The Better Half, and one of the character from Anon "Tucker". She loses her virginity to Tucker and eventually marries and has two children with him, Candace and Conner. Hi, I've been watching re uploaded Anon videos and after that i tried to find the hairstyles Tucker had during mostly Season I looked on Diamond's tumblr to see if one of the websites she put had it, I checked and it didnt have it. I'm looking for sims from Anon. Hey.I've been trying to get a sim which looks like Kyle Weston,Tucker Martinez,Chelsea and Dani (unsure of surnames) for a while now and all I can find are bugged out ones from the 's what they look like. (Kyle) (Tucker Martinez) (Chelsea) (Dani) Please.

anonymous asked: Hi! I really appreciate your Sims 3 foods! I just wanted to ask, though: is the Baker's Basket for Sims 3 still being worked on? I'm really excited for it, because I don't really play Sims 4 and I appreciate new recipes for the Sims 3. Sorry to be a nag. I am still working on it on and off but I am getting so few.


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