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Couch to 5k for ipod nano

valmturner wrote: I bought a couch to 5k podcast from itunes store but there is no music, just a voice. I'm looking for the app that I can play my own music from my playlists and have the voice come over to tell me what to do. I had someone tell me that an ipod nano can not do that is that true? Any help. Nike + lets you listen to tunes while you track your progress on your iPod nano. Simply slip the Nike + sensor into your Nike + ready shoe or pouch and head out. The sensor turns on automatically when you walk and then transmits audible performance feedback through your headphones. Track speed, distance, pace and. 3 Sep I just got a 5th gen ipod nano and decided to get the nike+ system. I usually run indoors on a treadmill so I have a place to put my ipod, but what about when it cools off and I want to run outside?? I have never found an armband I like, but am willing to take suggestions. Does anyone know of a.

10 Feb I have a very old / getting temperamental ipod Shuffle which I have been listening to the podcasts on and a nearly as old ipod Touch which I have been using the C25K app on so I can listen to my own music. I find the Touch too big really for my pocket and given than both of my i-devices are several years. 17 Jan My iPod (the little square nano) was only bought so I could listen to audiobooks as my old Sony mp3 wouldn't talk to the library computer. It's now suffering from ' sweat damage' having been stuck down my bra for running (TMI? get used to it! ;- )) so the sound disappears in time to my walks/runs (not good. Okay I have a iPod Nano and am interested in getting the Couch to 5K program on iTunes. Only problem is that it says its compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch .

So I decided to DO IT. And I have now made 3 walk/runs, completing my first week. To prepare, I got myself some new running shoes. A fancy new purple iPod Nano (for the podcasts, of course). A good running sports bra. (NOT SHOWING IT , PEOPLE!!!) Here I am all athletic looking getting ready to go run, ha ha. And here I. 23 Aug Finding the right couch to 5k app can be tough. They are a dime a dozen. If you search the App Store, you'll find tons of options. Some of the apps are well- maintained, and others are not. But, the goal remains the same: to get you off the couch and working towards a mile run. This may not sound like a. Home hot new top. Frequently Asked Questions. Click here for our FAQ! Posting Procedures. All posts must have flair! Post all accomplishments in our Daily Achievements Thread. Post caught in the spam filter? Message the moderators. Failure to follow the posting procedures will result in the removal of.


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