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Svchost.exe xp sp2

With a HP NC laptop running wired or wireless connection, XP virtually freezes for a few minutes. I can use task manager to see that Page 1 of 3 - using % CPU - posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Hi, Not had any big computer problems since last time you helped me:) Thanks. However my oldish laptop running XP has started acting up a little - is using % CPU and everything is just grinding. This entry has information about the startup entry named Windows Xp Service Pack 2 that points to the file. This program should not be allowed to start. Please visit this result for more detailed information about this program.

10 Oct I pulled an older SX off the shelf that I knew was still at XP SP2 and hooked it up on the bench. Nothing so far. I booted into Windows 7 on my GX (it ordinarily runs Mint) and have not seen anything out of the ordinary. The module sucking all those cycles is the instance of that runs all of. 29 May Symptom. SVCHOST high CPU. If stopping the Automatic Update service, the high CPU issue disappears. You can use the following method to verify whether it is AU caused SVCHOST high CPU. 1. Run the command to find the PID of SVCHOST which is running on Automatic Update service. Tasklist –m. We have upgraded from WSUS to SP1 and now have few Windows XP SP2 PCs that are extremely slow because the CPU is at % utilization running a process called "" If I go into services and stop and disable the " Automatic Updates" service the CPU drop to normal almost instantly.

Manually downloading and installing Internet Explorer 8 solves the issue. Confirmed on two types of systems: Old install of Windows XP Professional SP3 ( manufacturer recovery CD) on a Intel PC, having Internet Explorer 6 for legacy software comparability. The other systems that have been updated to. 3 Jun memory leak shown in Windows Task Manager How to stop svchost. exe using up % system resources (Windows XP Only). Visit the Microsoft website and Download Windows Update v3 WindowsUpdateAgentxexe and save it to your C:\ drive; Download this file (right. 13 Dec I tried updating Server with SP2 to the latest updates with IE6 installed and it took over 52 hours for it to find the updates to install. After installing all I can confirm that after a clean install of Windows XP (Service Pack 3) the and files will redline the CPU resources to 99%.


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