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In Borland IDE, click on Options-->Project-->Directories and put complete path in the Include and Library fields as C:\Borland\BCC55\include and C:\Borland\ BCC55\lib respectively (Normally, only "C:" is missing from the complete path). Click Ok to save changes. You are done and ready to use the. 4 May Borland C++ Complier Error Missing coxobj. I have the Borland C++ complier and linker and have been using them for 3 weeks. I have set up the configure files as shown on your cprogramming web page instructions. The complier and linker work fine as long as the code is contained in main(). Question. When I compile my windows application, I receive the error message " Unresolved external '_main' referenced from c0xobj". Answer. What this error really means is that the linker cannot find the entry-point function for your program. 'c0xobj', which is the startup code for a console application, is asking.

27 Dec Hello, While compiling any program, I encounter an error message that says " Error: Unable to open file 'C0XOBJ'" I'm using version of C::B with borland c++ compiler. I can see that the file "C0XOBJ" is present in the c:\ bc5\lib folder. I've used this path in all the possible locations inside C::B. Re: COXOBJ. Posted 18 February - PM. Main should be main as C++ is case sensitive. And if you're using a modern compiler, not some fossil like Turbo C++, #include should be #include and you should add using namespace std; after your #includes. Was This Post. 20 Feb I am getting a compile error from unresolve external reference from _main in c0xobj. I am trying to compile one of NeHe's tutorials using BC++5. Under the WinAPI I thought Main didn't have to be declared for a screensaver, just the three API functions.

16 Mar Borland free compiler error: Fatal: Unable to open file 'C0XOBJ'. I installed the Borland C++ command line tools today. When I try to compile, I get this error message: "Fatal: Unable to open file 'C0XOBJ'" I have done everything listed on the page ,,, html including creating bcccfg, creating ilinkcfg, updating. {mrec_postbit} I am using Borland C++ (Yeah I know) I am getting an Unresolved reference to _main from COXobj Has anyone had this error? How can I.


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