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Sims 2 hammer tool

1. Find the hammer tool. Once you enter build mode, look for a small, square menu in the space where your sim's age and the Play/Pause/FF options were. There will be six smaller squares and one rectangle inside of this menu. Find the square with the hammer, and click it. 10th Sep , AM. Not sure if this is in the right section. My friend and i are playing on her sims 2 game double deluxe and we cant seem to find a sledgehammer to delete the pool. We are playing on a downtown lot. Sledgehammer delete tool is only available in build mode. Can't find the homework or the Sledgehammer? The Sledgehammer is in Build mode and the Buy mode next to the design tool and eyedropper tool etc. I think if you enter the cheat moveobjects on (You just need the base game for this cheat to work) you can delete the table with the homework on it. Try it.

Which one? The sledgehammer tool that gets rid of stuff. You know, if you press and hold Ctrl while clicking and dragging (say, a wall or foundation etc.) the thing you want to get rid of, you can erase it that way and get your money back. Do you know the cheats for Sims 2? If not I can give you some helpful. 26 Dec On the sims 2 I'm missing some build tools like the sledgehammer, what do I do?, The Sims 2 Questions and answers, PC. Using the Wall Tool, hold CTRL and drag the Wall Tool along the length of an already-placed wall to remove the wall (also works for fences and half walls). In The Sims, any items on the wall being removed must be deleted or moved. In The Sims 2 or The Sims 3 those items are automatically deleted when removing the wall.

I moved my Sim into an already built home, but wanted to expand the home (tear out some walls) and improve the staircase (tear out old one), but am unable to do it. Can anyone help??? to destroy walls and stairs??? Select the stairs building tool and then press Ctrl and drag over the stairs to delete it. What's one or features that you really took for granted in The Sims 3? I would have to say the hammer tool in TS3 was something I probably didn't think much of until I went back to TS2. I probably spent more time deleting things one by one than actually building or playing the game. When I try to mass select by clicking the sledgehammer tool and dragging it's not working. Am I doing something wrong?.


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