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13 May What is SetFSB? SetFSB is a program that makes possible control the PLL(Clock Generator) on your board, so you can control the FSB and PCI/PCI-E buses while in Windows. That way you can overclock your CPU and system memory too. What is SetFSB Automatic Tool? I decided to make this tool. I need your help setting the OC on my N using the SetFSB Auto tool (please no comments on senselessness or futility, thank you). I've manually OCed using the SetFSB tool to where the PC was stable @2Ghz. I've configured the Auto tool by setting stock clock speed at Mhz (at a. Because of the fact that my motherboard sucks, and it lacks CPU-NB voltage, I need software to get my maximum possible overclocks going. Here's where.

15 Jun My Asus P Netbook is stable when overclocked to GHz with the freeware version of SetFSB from However, unlike my Asus PE netbook, when I shutdown or restart it freezes, requiring that the AC power and battery be removed for a few seconds. To not freeze, the. 5 Nov It allows automatic over&underclocking with command line startup shortcut, and greater breadth of underclocking (theoretical min of 41 BCLK) - not that The Tool: SetFSB Latest version confirmed also to work but of course loses some functionality pending a donation. Of course the. 18 Feb SetFSB is a useful system information tool which may allow you to increase the clock rate of your processor. With that in mind, SetFSB is designed and intended for advanced users only as misuse may cause physical damage to your hardware! As the name suggests, SetFSB allows users with certain chips.

CPU Overclocking: SetFSB Edit. (This guide to overclocking your N10 has been I found setFSB from other sites and found out that the ower Abo from Japan was willing to make me a PLL for my mobo. I found the clock generator hiding under the wifi card SetFSB Auto Tool Edit. An alternative to SetFSBTray and N10Tray. 6 Oct The only prerequisite is that SetFSB has been updated to support that model of PLL. A useful guide to locating your motherboard's PLL chip can be found here. The position, manufacturer and style varies from board to board. Not an essential tool for most but it can be invaluable for some. Best overclocking. us-g51j-a1-iqm-overclocked- That Auto Tool SetFSB version seems to be much older () but probably could be updated if your chip gets recognized. nope, the shareware version seems not to work with the Auto program. Last edited: Sep 13 .


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