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Parsing and formatting utilities for JSON. A central concept in lift- json library is Json AST which models the structure of a JSON document as a syntax tree. sealed abstract class JValue case object JNothing extends JValue // ' zero' for JValue case object JNull extends JValue case class JString(s: String). by Richard Dallaway. Instant Lift Web Applications () by Torsten Uhlmann. Lift in Action: The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala () by Timothy Perrett. The Definitive Guide to Lift: A Scala-based Web Framework (Expert's Voice in Open Source) () by Marius Danciu, Tyler Weir, Derek Chen-Becker . 23 Jul A simple Scala JSON parsing example, using the Lift Framework Lift-JSON library.

3 Jun In summary, if you need to extract a list/array of string values from JSON using Scala and Lift-JSON, I hope this example is helpful. If at all possible you should upgrade to Lift JSON M1 (-tools. org/repo-releases/net/liftweb/lift-json_/M1/). It contains two important improvements, the other affecting the path expressions. With the path expressions never return JFields, instead the values of JFields are returned. At this moment there are at least 6 json libraries for scala, not counting the java json libraries. All these libraries have a very similar AST. This project aims to provide a single AST to be used by other scala json libraries. At this moment the approach taken to working with the AST has been taken from lift-json and the native.

15 Jun A central concept in lift-json library is JSON AST which models the structure of a JSON document as a syntax tree; all features are implemented in terms of AST. It provides a case class for each of the above mentioned JSON primitive and structured type, and provides functions used to transform the AST. lift-json Support. In analogy to the spray-json Support spray-httpx also provides the LiftJsonSupport trait, which automatically provides implicit Marshaller and Unmarshaller instances for all types if an implicit s instance is in scope. When mixing in LiftJsonSupport you have to implement the abstract. b; lift-json. archetypes_ · framework · lift · lift-actor_ · lift-actor_2. 11 · lift-actor_ · lift-base · lift-common_ · lift-common_ · lift- common_ · lift-core · lift-db_ · lift-db_ · lift-db_ · lift-jpa_ · lift- jpa_ · lift-json · lift-json-ext_ · lift-json-ext_ · lift-json-ext_


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