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Source - The source of an event is the name of the file, stream, or other input from which the event originates 1) Which are the sources of the event?Simulate me some real situations. Sourcetype - The source type of an event is the format of the data input from which it originates like for files from. In the case of data monitored from files and directories, the source consists of the full pathname of the file or directory. In the case of a network-based source, the source field consists of the protocol and port, such as UDP Each event has a source field. The indexer generates the source field at index time. Searches often . Splunk Enterprise comes with a large set of predefined source types, and it assigns a source type to your data. You can override this assignment by assigning an existing source type or creating a custom source type. The indexer identifies and adds the source type field when it indexes the data. As a result, each indexed.

Why source types matter. The source type is one of the default fields that Splunk software assigns to all incoming data. It tells Splunk software what kind of data you have, so that it can format the data intelligently during indexing. Source types also let you categorize your data for easier searching. It is a good idea to use a pretrained source type if it matches your data, as Splunk software already knows how to properly index pretrained source types. However, if your data does not fit any pretrained source types, you can create your own source types, as described in Create source types. Splunk software can also index. Create source types. You can create new source types in several ways: Use the " Set Sourcetype" page in Splunk Web as part of adding the data. Create a source type in the "Source types" management page, as described in Add source type. Edit the configuration file directly. Although you can configure.

Splunk is engaged in a number of open source projects to create open APIs ranging from SDKs to integration with other data stores. Here is a list of the existing Splunk open source projects. All of the Splunk open source projects are hosted on GitHub. If you are interested in contributing to one of our projects, click either the. Source types for the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services. The Splunk Add -on for Microsoft Cloud Services provides the index-time and search-time knowledge for Microsoft cloud services data in the following formats. Source type, Event type, Description, CIM data models, ITSI data models. ms:o management. Source types for add-ons. All Splunk supported add-ons have one or more predefined source types to identify the type of data the add-on collects from the third-party system. Many source types support data models in the Common Information Model.


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