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Dasp stata package

Main objective of the DASP project. The main purpose of this project is to produce a comprehensive package of Stata modules to help analyze the distribution of living standards. It is hoped that this will be useful for measurement as well as for policy purposes. DASP is freely distributed and freely available. Please. Downloading DASP Package. The Stata package DASP is freely distributed. The user should be registered before downloading DASP. To register, choose the. Priority. Directory. Sources. 1. UPDATES : Official updates of STATA *.ado files. 2. BASE: *.ado files that come with the installed STATA software. 3. SITE.

Polarisation. IPOLFW, Estimates the Foster and Wolfson - FW- () index and its standard errors taking full account of survey design. DIPOLFW, Estimates the. DASP: New Modules and Options in version Modules. DFGTGR. To decompose the variation in FGT index between two periods into growth and. DASP and the aggregated data. UNGROUP. The command ungroup generates disaggregated data using information on the aggregated data and on the form of.

Main objective of the SUBSIM project. The objective of this project is to provide the required material for analyzing the distributional implications of subsidies and. The DASP package has the following features: Estimate the most popular statistics (indices, curves) used for the analysis of poverty, inequality, social welfare, and equity; Estimate the differences in such statistics; Estimate standard errors and confidence intervals by taking full account of survey design; Support distributive. Installation. To install SUBSIM simply execute the following command lines in STATA: set more off. net from net install subsim_part1, force. net install subsim_part2, force. cap addSMenu _subsim_menu. Once the package is installed, use the SUBSIM package manager for updates.


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