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Darlie routier trial transcript

Jury Trial Transcripts. January 6, Reading of Indictment – pdf. Swearing in of Jury and Witnesses – pdf. Prosecution Opening Statement – pdf. Defense Opening Statement – pdf. Testimony – Prosecution. Dr. Joni McClain – pdf. Dr. Janis Townsend-Parchman – pdf. William Gorsuch – pdf. January 7, Documents, case files and other material pertaining to Darlie Routier's case may be found in the following sections: Case Files - Autopsy reports, crime scene map and statements Pre-trial Transcripts - Bond hearing, pre-trial motions and jury selection Jury Trial Transcripts - Testimony, verdict, punishment phase and. Pre-Trial Transcripts. Pre-Trial Hearings. July 5, Bond Reduction Hearing – pdf. August Motion to Hold Defendant Without Bond – Day 1 – pdf. August Motion to Hold Defendant Without Bond – Day 2 – pdf. August Motion to Hold Defendant Without Bond – Day 3 – pdf. September Pretrial Motion Hearing.

Testimony of Darlie Lynn Routier. THE COURT: Mrs. Routier, would you. 19 mind raising you right hand, please. 21 (Whereupon, the witness. 22 was duly sworn by the. 23 court, to speak the truth,. 24 the whole truth and. 25 nothing but the truth,. Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter. 1 after which, the. Oct 23, I will ask Jeana how to handle Darlie's trial transcripts I'm not sure if she would want me to post the url to Darlie's website or not. Case opinion for TX Court of Criminal Appeals ROUTIER v. STATE. Read the Court's full decision Darlie Lynn ROUTIER, Appellant, v. The STATE of Texas. Halsey's daughter and transcription scopist, Suzy Crowley, testified that Halsey gave her tapes of the guilt and punishment phases of trial. Crowley stated that she.

Oct 13, Sandy Aitken's incessant note-taking during the murder trial of her nephew's wife, Darlie Routier, agitated prosecutors and even the judge. Chronicled in the handwritten pages is her perspective of the controversial trial, including perspectives not chronicled in the official court transcript. SPRINGTOWN. In the years since Darlie's conviction, renewed media attention—including an investigation by the television news program 20/20—has raised questions about her guilt. Among the media findings: Jurors received a trial transcript with 33, errors and omissions; jurors never saw photographs of Routier's arm bruises; and . Definition of Darlie Routier Trial: – Our online dictionary has Darlie Routier Trial: information from Great American Trials dictionary. : English, psychology and medical dictionaries.


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