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Sidechain compression is a hugely important topic. When done right, it can add great bouncy punch to your low end and sound very musical. When abused right, it can turn you into a Daft worldwide French house phenomenon. When done wrong, it can make your mix worse. To understand sidechaining. 29 Oct While this is easy enough to accomplish in Live, there's even more that you can do with sidechaining – for example, using the sidechain option on Auto Filter to provide some rhythmic movement to a sound. In a new tutorial video, Ableton Certified Trainer Keith Mills demonstrates how to do this. 27 Mar Learn the history and uses of sidechain compression in part 1 of Ableton's guide to this important but often misunderstood production technique.

16 Dec The track you choose will govern the effect applied, depending on the plugin doing the sidechaining. A common scenario involves compressing a bass track sidechained to the drums. When this happens, the bassline's volume is lowered temporarily. Sidechain compression in Ableton Live is easy, so we'll. 2 Mar Dubspot's Rory PQ explains how to route audio and sidechain with third-party plugins in Ableton Live. 6 Feb What is side chain Compression and how to use a side chain compressor in productions to create a pump or duck effect or as a tool to make space in a mix.

27 Apr Pump My Ride, Sidechain My Heart. The subject of this article is pretty techy – and for this reason there is almost no chance to go informal and easy still I'll do my best not to make you driving up the wall or nail-biting.. or both). For those in the know (and for those who not) – these days it's pretty hard. This is Ableton's way of preventing you from having a sidechain effect become “ out of sync” with the track it's sidechained to. For example, if you freeze a bass track that's being compressed by the kick track, you could change the kick drum part later on, but the compression on the bass would still be pumping away to the old. Feeding a signal to a plug-in's side-chain inputs works slightly different in various hosts. This topic describes the procedure for some of the most popular hosts around: Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Pro Tools. To explain how it works, we use a scenario with two tracks. The first one contains the audio that we want to.


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