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29 Dec Download Cinepak Codec Cinepak Codec is a video codec used in the early versions of QuickTime and Microsoft Video for Windows. I had a similar problem recently. Cinepak disappeared from the compressor options in Quicktime 7 even though it had been there moments earlier. It bizarrely reappeared after selecting 'Use: Default Settings' in the Export dialog then going back into Options! It vanishes each time I choose a different. 21 Feb Format Description for QTV_Cinepak -- Quicktme file format wrapping a Cinepak video bitstream with other data chunks, e.g., audio.

Cinepak is a lossy video codec developed by Peter Barrett at SuperMac Technologies, and released in with the Video Spigot, and then in as part of Apple Computer's QuickTime video suite. One of the first video compression tools to achieve full motion video on CD-ROM, it was designed to encode × Cinepak plays well on most mid-range and faster machines (fast Mac or any PowerMac, fast PC or any Pentium). Outside of purchasing a commercial codec for your CD-ROM titles, Cinepak is often the best choice for 2x CD-ROM data rates. Cinepak is implemented in Video for Windows as well as QuickTime. 19 Mar I'm posting with my Chromebook, so I can't test VLC right now. Funny enough, my Chromebook does run a 68k Mac emulator, so I can download and play Cinepak encoded videos like this one: Last edited by cke; 19th Mar at

Captain Crunch Media Vision Wavelet PC 30 Cinepak SuperMac VO Mac, PC • 15 DVT-RTV Intel VO PC 15 DVI-PLV Intel VO PC 30 Indeo Intel VO Mac, PC • 15 Motion-JPEG n/a DCT Mac, PC 60 MotiVE Media Vision VO PC • 1 finvi?n 12 MPEG 1 n/a DCT PC 15 MPEG 2 n/a DCT PC 60 Px64 n/a DCT Mac, PC The peripheral used a modified version of Cinepak, a video codec created by Peter Barrett (who would go on to be a co-founder of Rocket Science Games). Video was done on the Mac-based Cinepak and then compressed using DeBabelizer, a graphics processing tool. Initially, there were problems with how Cinepak. (Hint: For smooth playback, use 15 frames per second or above; for best quality but small file size, use the Sorenson Video Compressor; for the smallest possible file size-at more picture- quality sacrifice-use the Cinepak compressor.) Exporting the finished work Instead of using the File— >Save. MAC OS 9: THE.


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