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Reuters dealing 3000

A peer-to-peer conversational trading system, available through FX Trading, that connects you with the largest, most established FX and money market community in the world. Available through FX Trading, Thomson Reuters Dealing is the largest global institutional foreign exchange. The Xtra system was first released in , but in many ways was a continuation of previous Reuters products that included Equities (released in ), Dealing (released in ) and Series (released in ). It inherited a lot of design features such as much of the user interface from those earlier. EBS's closest competitor is Reuters Dealing Spot Matching. The decision by an FX trader whether to use EBS or Thomson Reuters Matching is driven largely by currency pair. In practice, EBS is the primary trading venue for EUR/ USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF and USD/CNH, and Thomson Reuters.

Situation. In the coming months, Thomson Reuters will replace the Dealing product with the FX Trading (FXT) application that is integrated in the Eikon platform. As a system integrator for trading room solutions, Thomson. Reuters has informed WEY in advance about the specifications for video, keyboard, mouse and. Have you set Credit Limits, Credit Indications and Payment Instructions for. Counterparties? If you are part of a Matching Global Credit Organisation do you know who are the Global. Credit Administrators for your organisation? General Responsibilities. To be responsible for the security of the Service(s) at your Site. Thomson Reuters All Rights Reserved. Thomson Reuters, by publishing this document, does not guarantee that any information contained herein is and will remain accurate or that use of the information will ensure correct and faultless operation of the relevant service or equipment. Thomson Reuters, its agents and .

FCM provides the lowest latency hosting and connecitivity solutions for connecting to Thomson Reuters Dealing with Easy Trader and FCM Connect. 27 Jul Dealing product supports an 18, strong trading community in inter-bank (dealer-to-dealer) foreign exchange. As dealer-to-customer trading goes electronic, Reuters will launch a multi-asset trading platform for markets including fixed income, derivatives, commodities and energy. Reuters has. 21 Aug However, when Reuters' - the firm's FX trading platform: "one of the two key systems used by currency traders around the world, experienced an In the most recent data available, the electronic currencies-dealing system run by Thomson Reuters consolidated its lead ahead over main rival EBS in.


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