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Koishi komeiji mmd model

Komeiji Koishi Model Character information: Chara: Komeiji Koishi, Version: Ver. Model: 古明地こいし__Normal, Author: Eboshi. Technical information: File : , Location: OneDrive. Credits: Unknown, Password: Undisclosed. Further information: Editable: + (Yes), Distributable edit: . Feb 8, Not NIboshi, but Eboshi I really like this model because of her very good detalization and textures. Eboshi didn't forget to add some roses to her skirt TMA - Koishi Komeiji by EBOSHI. Jul 11, Rules: 1. You may edit this model. If you want to redistribute it, ASK ME FOR PERMISSION on deviantart or twitter: &n _ _MMD Koishi Komeiji 2 types DL: SA/HM + ULiL_ _.

Dec 16, TouhouExtraBossClub. Watch out for flying bullets~:icontouhouvocaloid-club: TouhouVocaloid-club. Touhou & Vocaloid fans:iconhartmanns-touhou: Hartmanns-Touhou It tastes like sparrow!:icontouhou-gensokyo: Touhou- Gensokyo So you like Touhou, eh?:icontouhou-organization: Touhou-. Mar 6, download: ill be making a special character next o: any person SERIOUSLY asking for the password will be responded to with koishi komeiji (+dl). Oct 21, Halloweeny is coming, and saw friends doing pictures and edits related to the orangey season, thought will do Koishi edit since did Patchy already at the Models Used: Koishi Komeiji (edited) - Niboshi (エボシ) `-- Dress: YamiSweet, [ 狡猾全裸]富竹P ~ [Link] `-- Bow: Arlvit (アールビット) `-- Heels: Nyantaru.

May 14, Eeeeyup. Hey at least I have you a bit of a kick off? If you know Japanese, just type Koishi, and it'll be in the first platinum box (second video I believe) that has a download in the description. Reply ·:iconmeowiin: Meowiin Featured By Owner May 16, General Artist. I already found her:P. Reply. Jun 19, Cute!) Model: Niboshi MME + PS MMD Koishi Komeiji. Any kind of Touhou related downloads goes here (clothes, accessories, etc) Parts only, models will go either "Model Downloads" folder or "Edits, Game-Rips Download" folder. I guess you can make fanmade characters or ocs with these too, huh? [MMD/DL] Bicolor Stage! [stage/dl] by BrightShadowMMD [MMD/DL] Bicolor.


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