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Coeus is protected behind the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine firewall. To access. Coeus from outside of the firewall (i.e. working from home), you must first create a VPN session using. JHConnect. The JHConnect software may be obtained from the following url. Dec 22, The Office of Research Information Services (ORIS), and the COEUS system, has a new website. Please update your bookmarks from the old website (http:// ) to the new website: for anything COEUS related. Coeus Access Instructions. Coeus uses your JHED ID and JHED password to authenticate, however you must first have an active Coeus. User Account. To request an account, please email Coeus Help at [email protected] Note - Having an account created in the Training Client for an ORIS-led training class does.

Johns Hopkins University. Coeus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Office of Research Information Systems. ACCESS. • What's the difference between Coeus Premium and CoeusLite? • Does Coeus work on a Mac? • How do I get Coeus on my computer? • I installed Coeus, but can't use it. How do I get access?. JHU's ORIS supports research proposal preparation and submission using the software known as Coeus. ORIS offers an enterprise-wide, comprehensive training program as well as daily functional and technical support through coeus- [email protected] In addition, information and training materials are maintained at the ORIS. Johns Hopkins University. Page 9. Coeus Access and the Proposal Creator Role. To create proposals in Coeus, you need a Coeus user account with the Proposal Creator role. If You Do Not Have Coeus Access. Coeus User accounts are created and maintained by ORIS. Please contact ORIS with your JHED ID, list of cost.

Coeus® Version , P3. System-to-System. PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT. AND BUDGETING TRAINING GUIDE. (COEUS 7). Document Date: ORIS HELP: For assistance: email [email protected] or visit the ORIS Website for self-help and other info. TRAINING CLIENT PROPOSAL NUMBER:______. Coeus Experts are experienced proposal creators that have undergone intensive , additional classroom training, participated in projects geared toward streamlining proposal creation and submission as well as agreed to serve as a local support option for less experienced Coeus users. Once a Coeus Expert, they continue. Proposal Development. Find information necessary to prepare proposal applications, including JHU policies, checklist, school specific forms, institutional data, and sponsor information. Read More Click for more information.


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