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Chronic sinusitis ppt

23 May Chronic Rhinosinusitis Presented by Sasikarn Suesirisawad, MD. 29 Dec Chronic Sinusitis. 1. Definition Chronic inflammation of the mucosal lining of one or more paranasal sinuses, usually caused by anatomical / pathological obstruction to its drainage, and is characterized by chronic postnasal mucopurulent discharge with or without recurrent headache / facial pain. (more than. 10 May A) EXCITING CAUSES:  Nasal infections: Viral rhinitis followed by bacterial invasion.  Oedema of middle meatus 2⁰ to ipsilateral maxillary sinus infection. TREATMENT:  Medical treatment same as for acute maxillary sinusitis.

Chronic RhinoSinusitis- State of the Art. Gary Kroukamp. Definition: >3 months of symptoms of sinusitis. Case Study: 55 yo man; 3 episodes of acute sinusitis since last winter; Treated with antibiotics; Resolution of acute sx; continues to have pressure “sinus” headache, nasal congestion, poor smell, and intermittent. Acute & Chronic Sinusitis. לימודי המשך. Ephraim Eviatar. Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. סינוסיטיס היא האבחנה החמישית אשר אנטיביוטיקה מומלצת עבורה. סינוסיטיס מהווה 9% מכלל הילדים שקיבלו אנטיביוטיקה ו% במבוגרים. Rhinosinusitis. Acute rhinosinusitis; Subacute rhinosinusitis; Chronic rhinosinusitis; Recurrent ARS; Acute. Correctly diagnose common nasal complaints, as well as acute and chronic sinusitis; Be familiar with treatment strategies, both nonsurgical and surgical, for sinus disease; Gain a basic knowledge of the anatomy of the nose and paranasal sinuses. CASE PRESENTATION. 40 year old male presents to his primary care office.

Medical Management of. Chronic Rhinosinusitis. Jean Paul Font, MD. Faculty Advisor: Matthew Ryan, MD. The University of Texas Medical Branch. Department of Otolaryngology. Grand Rounds Presentation. May ADVANCES IN TREATMENT OF SINUS DISEASE. James V. Zirul, D.O.. Peninsula Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, Inc. Kenai, Alaska. ANATOMY. Septum; Nasal Turbinates. Concha Bullosa – Middle Turbinate. Sinuses: Maxillary, Ethmoid (anterior and posterior), Frontal and Sphenoid. Osteomeatal Complex; Nasofrontal recess. Chronic sinusitis Articles Case Reports Symptoms Treatment, Canada.


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