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Vsphere data recovery appliance

Data Recovery uses a virtual machine appliance and a client plug-in to manage and restore backups. The backup appliance is provided in open virtualization format (OVF). The Data Recovery plug-in requires the. VMware vSphere Client. Backups can be stored on any virtual disk supported by VMware ESX™. You can use. The VDR appliance is an optional appliance that may not be installed in your vSphere system. Verify the VDR appliance installation, install the appliance if necessary, and then connect to VDR. If you want to save the original Data Recovery appliance, rename it in some way. For example, you might rename an appliance called VMware Data Recovery to VMware Data Recovery - OLD. Deploy the new appliance. Use the datastore browser to move the disk containing the deduplication store to the same location as.

Virtual machines to be backed up and the backup appliance must both be running on ESX/ESXi 4 or later. To use all features, the ESX/ESXi host that runs the backup appliance must be managed by vCenter Server. Data Recovery can be used without vCenter Server, but features such as automated backups may not be. VMware Data Recovery is available only in the Essentials Plus, Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus vSphere editions. It comes packaged as a plug-in for vCenter Server/vSphere Client and a prebuilt OVF format backup appliance that runs on your host servers (you can run multiple backup appliances). It can only do. 19 Sep As for limitations, one of the limitations of Data Recovery is that it is recommended to only backup up to guest VMs with a data recovery appliance. And, you cannot manage multiple data recovery appliances with a single vCenter server. That means that, currently, if you have more than guest VMs.

20 Jan There are two parts to installing Data Recovery, installing the management plug- in, and importing the virtual appliance. Both parts are supplied on the same ISO CD image so the first thing you will need to do is either burn it to a CD, or more simply just mount it on your vCenter server using a virtual CD. Introduction 0m 46s Downloading VMware Data Recovery (VDR) 3m 41s Installing the VDR Plug-in 2m 30s Installing the VDR Appliance 4m 59s Adding Storage Destinations 4m 3s Powering Up VDR 3m 59s Verifying Initial Configuration 3m 54s Basic Administration of the VDR Appliance 6m 57s What We Covered 1m.


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