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Pokemon blaze black save file download

Pokemon blaze black save file

For Pokemon Black Version on the DS, GameFAQs has 8 save games. 2 Apr Afterwards, just do File --> Save [Save file] to save it and voila, you have the National Dex! no$ users can simply put into the BATTERY folder and no $ will convert it back to its own format. That was by Drayno I think. Anyway, I think it would work with POkemons, but then that'd be taking the fun out. 15 Apr I had made both a savestate and in-game save and when I wanted to play again, the game show me that mensage: " the save file will be erased due to corruption or damage" deleted the in-game save saying it was corrupted. So I loaded my savestate and made a freshly new in-game save but I keep getting.

7 Mar Hi, I have the same problem with my corrupted save file, but i have spend more than 25 hours in my pokemon blaze black 2, so could you help me plis? doing the same process with my savestate? Because i dont know where is the backup in savestate option of my drastic, I couldn't repeat these steps. This item contains file for Twitch Plays Pokemon for Pokémon (Blaze) Black. or Volt White game on my laptop. If this is considered off-topic, please let me know -- but the reason I want it is 1. I already lost my chance at Pokemon Fusion ( THANK YOU, BILL), and 2. we're playing Blaze Black 2 on Twitch and it's gotten my interest piqued. God bless you all! 22 comments; share; save.

16 Mar Great I edited how many items I had in PokéGen, now it says my game file is corrupted. >_> Is there a way to un-corrupt a save file? I do NOT want. Well, I'm very sorry if this is idiotic and I hope I'm posting to the appropriate forum, but I genuinely can't seem to find an answer any other way. I'm told that the way to delete save files in game is to press UP + Select + B, which I can only assume means UP + x + z on the keyboard. This is what I've done, but.


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