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Content Creator Plus (CCP) is a Trainz database importer program that is included with TRS and later releases. As it has been updated, some of the bugs that plagued the early version have been ironed out and advancements have been made in its usefulness. In essence, the CCP software requires definitions of. 14 Sep Please note that this document is obsolete and describes techniques which are no longer relevant to current and future versions of Trainz. Content Creator Plus. Content Creator Plus (more often referred to as CCP) is N3V Game's included content creation GUI utility. Functionality. Content Creator Plus is. 25 Mar When you are creating or editing an asset with Content Creator Plus, all of your content exists in a temporary “working directory” which is located in your “.\editing ” folder within your Trainz install. Assets in this folder are considered “open for editing”. All files required by your new model MUST be placed in.

7 Aug Please note, the TCCP online system is for content creators making payware DLC only. For free content we will continue our ongoing support for the Trainz Download Station (DLS). 23 Sep Okay, heres the thing- I have lots of things i've made in GMAX. I read somewhere that to get the creations to Trainz, you need to use Content Creator Plus. If true, where can I download it? I've only used it to edit models by others. 19 - Content Creator Plus. Introduction Content Creator Plus (CCP) is a program launched from within Content Manager Plus to generate a file for the different kinds of Trainz model assets, or to edit and amend existing config. txt files. Trainz model assets are classified under different Kinds. Each Kind has.

TUTORIAL - Content Creator Plus (CCP) (for Trainz ) Written Aug. 26, By Jytte Christrup. HOW TO MAKE A REGION FILE (and how to use it), Step by Step. Before you get started, you will need: a list of the cars that you want to use for the region. You can use max. 16 cars for a region file. You don't have to limit. It is essential for creating content in document will cover detail on how to use Content Creator Plus to create files and manage the asset files. New functions in TC for creators are covered in Appendix. D. The Basics of Content Creation. Creating new content for Trainz is generally a seven-step process. 1. 18 May Apparently, the model is using an obsolete number generator, so I'm getting blank number boards on the front of the locomotive. I want to use content creator in order to change to Version 4 of the number generator. The problem is, once I get into content creator, I don't know how to make the swap. Thanks.


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