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Xbox 360 profile problem download

Xbox 360 profile problem

Error occurs when trying to download your profile to the Xbox Find out how to fix the problem. Learn what to do if you get error when downloading your Xbox Live profile to an Xbox console. I used someone else's Xbox to play my games and now I have my own Xbox so I moved my data to a memory card. When I was about to move a item to my hard drive I saw that the it said the data is owned a unknown profile and it said that if I move or copy it I will own it. So I try to move it but then it said I cant move it.

I've been fooling around with different tools that I've half-assed figured out to use, (Modio, Con_Flag_Remover, and XBox Hash Block Calculator). The truth is, I'm not even sure any of these can help me with my specific problem as everything that I read about them doesn't seem to match my exact. Your Xbox Live membership information isn't valid. If you get this error message, it may mean that your Xbox Live profile has been remotely protected or modified at To resolve this problem, download your Xbox Live profile to the console where you're trying to sign in. For details, see Download, move, or delete . 22 Sep An Xbox profile is what players use to identify themselves, sign in online, activate multiplayer games and recognize saved game files. But when you transfer your profile to a new Xbox , attempt to refresh your profile, use your memory card or hard drive in another console or when your system.

2 Mar Xbox Live Sign-In Issues - Xbox One: Unless you're having issues with your local internet connection, Xbox Live sign-in issues can be caused by service outages on Microsoft's side. These. 20 Oct Sometimes you might get The current profile is not allowed error if your Xbox Live Gold account is expired. To fix this issue, use any web browser to log in to your Xbox account and check the subscription section. If your subscription is expired, be sure to renew it in order to fix this problem. If your Xbox Live.


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