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Wind energy powerpoint presentation download

Wind energy powerpoint presentation

12 Dec PowerPoint Presentation on wind energy. Wind Today!!! Windmills are used for pumping water from deep underground. Modern wind turbine is the result of design and material advances made during the s and s, which enabled wind turbines to become increasingly efficient. Today, wind. Wind Energy. Mukul M. Sharma. U.S. Use of Renewable Energy. Source: Annual Energy Review , U.S. Energy Information Administration. Power Class. Wind Power (W/m2). Speed. (m/s). 1. > 19 Oct History of Wind Energy. BC. Sailboats used on the Nile indicate the power of wind. AD. First windmills developed in Persia. AD. First horizontal-axis. windmills in Europe. s. Daniel Halladay and. John Burnham build. Halladay Windmill;. start US Wind. Engine Company. Late s.

Wind Turbines: Power for a House or City. *many slides from L. Sankar. Ready to Become a Significant Power Source. With annual growth rates of ~30%, wind could generate 20% of nation's electricity by Installed capacity = 35, MW as of Dec (<1% national electricity). Source: Energy Information Agency. The following slides provide information about integrating wind energy into the electricity grid. Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL In , Denmark led the way with wind power supplying roughly 39% of the country's electricity demand. Ireland, Portugal, and Spain provided more than 20% of their electricity needs. In , the average levelized price of signed wind power purchase agreements was about cents per kilowatt-hour. This price is cost competitive with new gas-fired power plants, and projected future costs compare favorably through , according to the Energy Information Administration.*. 1. Wind energy is cost.

Is the ability to do work. RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE. NON-RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE. Energy source we can use over and over again. Energy source we are using up and cannot recreate in a short period of time. ANALYZING OUR SOURCE. ANALYZING OUR SOURCE. GENERATING WIND POWER. 1. 2. 3. What wind energy can do for you. The European Wind Energy Association. Wind energy has grown in Europe thanks to the EU's binding renewable energy target. The target is easy to remember because 20 is its magic number: by , 20% of the EU's energy must come from renewable sources like wind. The . Presentation on theme: "Wind Energy. Wind energy is the converting of wind power to electrical power through the use of windmills or turbines. electricity produced is sent to transformers where voltage is 12 WINDMILL DESIGN A Windmill captures wind energy and then uses a generator to convert it to electrical energy.


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