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Color space converter filter

This transform filter converts from one RGB color type to another RGB type, such as between bit and 8-bit RGB color. Since this type of conversion is generally handled more efficiently within a video decompressor, the main use of the Color Space Converter is when the stream source consists of uncompressed RGB. The Color Space Converter can accept a variety of YUV and RGB formats and convert them to RGB and YUV. It will perform automatic conversion from the VideoInfo2 media type (which can contain non-square pixel aspect ratio information) to VideoInfo (which contains only square pixels). The conversion is done by resizing. When I checked with graphedit there was a "Color Space Converter" filter between the avi decompressor and the video renderer in Win98, that wasn't there before and also isn't present in Win2k. So I figuered that's the problem for the ugly looking video. So I deleted this filter from the graph but graphedit.

As far as I know the Color Space Converter filter does not have an interface, but you don't need it either. You can force the Color Space Converter filter to convert to RGB32 by inserting a filter which only accepts RGB The TransNull32 from the RGBFilters example does exaclty this. Your graph will look. Filter for fast and easy conversion of images between the color models RGB, HSL , HSB, Lab and others. The image remains displayed - dependent of the host program - in RGB color space. The converter interprets the data of the RGB channels as if it is represented in the source color model, then converts it into the target. 29 Jun Hi there,. Does anyone know how I can use this codec in a filter graph? I would like to convert a YUV2 stream to RGB24 manually. If I cannot use the MSYUV Color Space Converter Codec, is there any other way to do this? My impression so far is that I will need to make a new transform filter. Thanks a.

15 Mar to YUV Planar color converter - Rotate filter - RTSP/RTP Source filter (8/16 bit PCM AMR MP3, H) - Scale filter - Tee - Timestamp logger - Video mixing filter - YUV Planar to RGB color converter - YUV source Installation: Use to install all filters. In GraphEdit/GraphStudio the filters will. Color space conversion is probably the simplest in the block diagram of what you want to do. Actually, if you are building a filter graph, a colorspace converter will be inserted by GraphEdit for you if you try to connect a YUY2 source to an RGB sink. The difficulty lies in A/D conversion of the component signal. KA TVCrop DirectShow Filter. KA CSC (Color Space Converter) DirectShow Filter (available after 28 April ). KA SVG (Sample Video Grabber) DirectShow Filter (available after 28 April ).


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