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AMXX Piss Unapproved/Old Plugins. Plugin: Amxx Piss Version: Author: [email protected] (Based on TakeADookie by PaintLancer) Modified by commonbullet to work with amxx Release Better effect Bug fix New effect + piss puddle . AMX Mod X Moderator. Hawk's Avatar. Join Date: Aug. Version: Author: [email protected]: Description. This old-school fun plugin allows any player to piss on a dead body or anywhere. You can control the direction of the pee with your mouse! You are not able to move or to shoot for 10 seconds when you piss, so beware. The puddle of piss will appear where you. **Posted by Neon_Lamp** > Why it says Unknown command: piss Check what AMX Mod X version it needs, if you have an older one update it. If you do have the latest AMX Mod X, don't use file inside the download but place the. sma in scripting folder and compile it locally. When done, go to the map compiled .

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Now upload the 3 folders into the cstrike or czero folders. Step 6.) After uploading Navigate your way to the amx/configs folder. Download the file and file to your desktop. Step 7.) Open the using wordpad and add the following to the bottom of the file


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