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The yogscast jaffa cake factory

13 Jul The guys take a look at some of the things you can find in Tekkit, whilst building a Jaffa Factory for Simon!. Jaffa Factory was a Tekkit series from the Yogscast team that shows the follies of Lewis, Simon, and Duncan on their quest to create a working Jaffa Cake factory. The series was later continued on the YogCraft modpack due to the inconvenience of having to backdate their Minecraft/Tekkit to play. History Edit. The construction of a Jaffa Factory is one of the main objectives of Honeydew Incorporated, for the purpose of supplying Simon with a limitless supply of Jaffa Cakes. The factory was built by Simon, Duncan, Lewis, Sips, and Sjin. Its construction started on episode five of Simon and Lewis's Tekkit series, " Not co?.

JaffaQuest - One of Simon, Lewis, and Duncan's Minecraft series on the Yogscast Complete server. Jaffa Factory (Series) - Simon, Lewis, and Duncan's Minecraft series on the Tekkit and YogCraft servers. Jaffa Factory (Factory) - Simon, Lewis, and Duncan's factory in Minecraft that produces Jaffa Cakes. Jaffahampton - A. Within the outer walls lies the equipment and machinery responsible for producing the Jaffa cakes. A farm provides wheat and sugar, and cows and chickens are kept in pens to provide the milk and eggs. The pipes from these join to a liqui-crafter in the centre which makes the Jaffas, and a pipe leading from here transports. Hello! Have you ever wanted to be in the Jaffa Factory, making cakes and cookies, consuming them? Of course you have! Well, except for that creepy guy in the corner. Anyway, I have here a replica of the Jaffa Factory. I made it by re- watching the Yogscast series "Jaffa Factory" (which is a great series - I.

Comedy · The Yogscast boys Xephos, Honeydew and Lividcoffee is on a quest to create a Jaffa cake factory known as Honeydew Inc in the plains. But little do they know a rivalry Dirt Factory is See full summary».


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