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Iron Helix is an adventure video game made for Windows, Macintosh, and the Sega CD. It was an early example of a CD-based game, including video elements integrated with conventional 2D maps and controls. The game was designed by Drew Pictures and distributed by Spectrum Holobyte, with Peter Stone of Xorcist. 22 Sep Play this classic adventure title on your modern PC easily with our comprehensive guide. 13 Mar Windows version of the first-person space adventure game, on CD-ROM. User Manual:

Gameplay. 'Iron Helix is a slow-paced first-person adventure game with an element of strategy. The player controls a robot with the objective of stopping a rogue spaceship from being able to deploy the "Iron Helix" doomsday weapon. The robot is unarmed (save for a limited-used jamming signal used by pressing B ), and is. In this game of cat and mouse, you control a robot probe that must stop a renegade starship that is carrying a devastating weapon, before it reaches its target. In this virtual reality world, you must negotiate the ins and outs of this starship to find just the right controls to stop it. You are not alone; you must elude the vicious. If you haven't played Iron Helix or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in by Spectrum Holobyte, Inc., Iron Helix was an above-average full motion video title in its time.

A rogue navy ship, Jeremiah Obrian, threatens to start a war. A virus has wiped out its crew, but the threat of it firing its Iron Helix doomsday weapon is still there. You must remotely pilot an unarmed science robot to explore the ship and work out how to shut the weapon game uses interac.


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