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Communications application server 1.5

Documentation Home > The SIP Servlet Tutorial > Preface > About the Examples > Required Software > Communications Application Server The SIP Servlet Tutorial. Previous: Java Platform, Standard Edition · Next: NetBeans IDE. Sun GlassFish Communications Server Administration Guide, HTML · PDF. Sun GlassFish Communications Server High Availability Administration Guide, HTML · PDF. Sun GlassFish Communications Server Application Deployment Guide, HTML · PDF. Sun GlassFish Communications Server Administration. This IMS-compliant application server includes call control and charging functions via Diameter. This edition is ideally suited for rapid deployment of carrier-grade IMS, NGN, or LTE services. Data sheet: Oracle Communications Converged Application Server (PDF).

Documentation Home > Sun GlassFish Communications Server Troubleshooting Guide > Chapter 2 Common Problems > Cannot Access a Server Application > Is the Application Server Running? > Description. Sun GlassFish Communications Server Troubleshooting Guide. Previous: Cannot Access the. A load-balanced configuration requires that the first application server, shared content directory, and database server be installed using the two server configuration model. After that, the installer . Make sure to configure server security and any firewalls to allow communication on these required ports. The port values must. Server-side ActionScript is based on the ECMA specification (ECMAScript ) derived from JavaScript and lets you access the core JavaScript server object To use server-side ActionScript with a Flash Communication Server application, you write the code, copy the script into the appropriate server directory, and run.

The JCA enables the EIS to initiate the communication with the application components using the resource adapter. This function is called inbound communication. The inbound The message inflow enables an external message producer to send messages to a message endpoint on the application server. WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a software product that performs the role of a web application server. More specifically, it is a software framework and middleware that hosts Java based web applications. It is the flagship product within IBM's WebSphere software suite. It was initially created by Donald F. Ferguson. JCA provides your applications with the qualities of service that can be provided by a Java EE application server, such as connection management, transaction management, and security management. In addition, the IMS TM resource adapter implements the JCA Common Client Interface (CCI), a programming interface.


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